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"Nepal Tourism Package"

NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd.

Destination Management Unit of Nepal

Combined Holidays to India, Lhasa, Tibet and Bhutan


The foundation of the company was laid by Mr Hemant Sharma in the year 1986, at the age  of 22, pursuing higher education research on Karl-Marx beyond Maters in Economics and MBA had passion for travelling all by himself, Gulliver at heart and Columbus in mind Hemant Sharma was the first one who set in motion what would later become tourism nodes in many regions far in deep Himalayas and Jungles where travellers were astonished to get tourism equipment to hire use for hiking, skiing, surfing, for their choice of healthy food and drinks or for their leisure best of wine, liquor, wine cigarettes, Mr Hemant is considered as a real pioneer in developing tourism activities in remote regions, helping local villagers to better their incomes and making them ambassadors for the region, who else would have thought beyond self-minting money spinning only me impulse by Marx but driven to Dollar embolden George Washington in belief he always maintained have Marx in Mind but travel towards Washington enrich with dollars so do Nepal become sustainable and rich for themselves and ensured Tourism Rich Nepal  . 


The company started as a Proprietorship company with the blessings of Brother and Parents of Mr. Sharma & Now Nepal Tourism Package is owned by the teammates in ethos and culture with the aim of taking company flag high. Over the three decades NTP has diversifying into several dimensions associated with the Cause of society, employment & revenue for the company and country which has lent to sustained livelihood of several associated with it.


"The NTP" with three decades of success has lent to the satisfaction of management, team and the associates. NTP served aspirations and market interest of its clients when internet wasn't by studying and visiting the the products and services pre-hand before servicing them to the Guest and we introduced them to the market by participating in the fairs and festivals in various countries  but now for avid surfing community off travellers tourists, adventurists, jungle walkers, hikers, mountaineers also for those looking for the human touch more than corporate management its NTP, termed NTP Belief, could hold hand to travel along in Nepal across mountains, jungles, river rafts, skiing, ballooning even international charity, NGOs and media NTP has been the choice unanimous.


Often we surprise to find emotional patronage from 1st to 2nd and 3rd generation NTP served be-friendly to their household names, its not one country but across the world NTP is surviving in the hearts and homes, grateful for those having allowed NTP to dwell in their mind and soul, truly to reciprocate larger NTP family weather enriched with money but for trust, reliability, honesty and purpose it has gained so much to live but to survive with the legacy, the NTP legacy.


Nepal Tourism Package do not claim to be politically correct but strive to be humanly correct bringing long-term & sustainable development to the regions we follow the above aim while promoting and  indulging in NTP activities. NTP work closely with local providers and use local products to enhance the area development welfare and community share with those who look up at NTP, NTP look-after them as NTP consolidators.


To get best of our own skilled professional with NTP human ideologues,  we in the backyard of massive tourism profession have developed our own Tourism & Hospitality Management colleges in Nepal with the International Universities awarding degrees and skill by imparting training, modules, exposure encompasses & regional development. NTP ethos funds allocations for not donating cash or kind but arming with skills through schools colleges training centres and rehabilitation for weaker sections and orphanages.


Lets share more About NTP - It has strong network of trusted local partners as said earlier to ensure we can realize any of your requests, from local transportation, accommodation and excursions, to fully-organized round trips for multiple weeks in solo, family or group.


NTP has language facilitation, interpreters are at service, you just need to get NTP services downloaded or sought tailor made in your language, products can be translated to various language through an added translator on the NTP website and NTP will get in facilitation, local guide services at execution of your assignment as an when tour is booked and operated in order to ensure quality and memorable managements, you need just NTP..... Relax & Enjoy..... 


NTP Product Range is Varied Lets Share About – 


·         Trekking - Short & Deep into Himalayas 

·         Pilgrimage Hinduism and Buddhism - Region Specific 

·         Spa & Wellness - For leisure travelers & Those at End of hectic travel  

·         Soft Adventure - For School Children, Youth and Elderly People 

·         Eco & Agro tourism - For Nature lovers

·         Cultural Excursions - Those love to travel through, along cultures & traditions 

·         Village, Bird watching & Photography Tours - ForTravel Enthusiasts, Nature Walkers 

·         Buddhism Expeditions - Buddham Sharnam Gachhami, Inventing Buddha's Gospel Peace 

·         Stays In Ethnic Communities - Experiencing those who still enjoy remaining out of modern world securing ethnicity 

·         Yoga & Meditation Programs - For Healthy and Meditating Experience 

·         Solo Woman Tours - Empowered Women Travel Along & Along  

·         Wedding Tours (All Ritual weddings) - Wedding bells amid Himalayas Theme Wedding (Hindu and Buddhist wedding)


NTP Associates & Sister Brands Flagship NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. has select but well nurtured brands and trustworthy associates 

To Share About – 


Nepal Tourism Package - Prime Brand for Nepal & Tibet www.nepaltourism.ntpgroups.com 


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Healthcare Services in India (Medical Travel to India) -  www.healthcare.ntpgroups.com/ntphealthcare
Uttarakhand Destination : www.Uttarakhand.ntpgroups.com


Travel Mart: Company providing camping material both in India and Nepal 


Cottage Industry Gifts & Galore: Brand solely dedicated to evolving cottage industry for locals to Visit & Enjoy Product Unparalleled, Unseen in the Business World, Travel Hospitality Gifts 


Puja and Astro : Solely working on Astro activities and Online Puja


Elderly Care Groups - NTP Specializes 



NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd.

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Tourism License no.: 2112261HC685
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